Corey Whyte (b. 1993) Staffordshire, UK and grow up between Staffordshire and Carmel, CA, US, and

now Lives and Works in London, UK. 

My work sets to examine, play with and continue, an observation on how society operates within the cult like culture of consumerism. The essence of the study is seasonal times and the ingrained control on our natural way of life. I act as an iconoclast upon this anthropological view, collaborating with materials I have lack of control over. The works continuously regurgitate characters from new world iconography then are polished back into a bastardised version of its original self.  


I want to raise the question on our position in the commodification of tradition and history. It’s not about making a comment, it’s about using these issues as a formula to create, parodying a long term capitalist process and, at the same time, existing with consumer culture to mimic in a multifaceted manor, thus playing with this appropriation and the reality that we are players in the game by conforming. 


The formular is to obtain an abstract with a layered process-based studio practice, producing a finding from research. I work by feeding from multiple fragments of information from various sources, then purging it into a materialistic hand on a fast yet holistic and mediative approach.