Corey Whyte (b. 1993) Staffordshire, UK and grow up between Staffordshire and Carmel, CA, US, and

now Lives and Works in London, UK. 

I work with the processes of abstraction that in turn creates commodification and the human behaviour around hysteric consumption, along with allowing current behavioural studies to make impressions on the way I work but specifically looking at the historic cultural appropriation process of seasonal traditions which has birthed our current global state. 


This in retrospect takes something and removes it far away from its original self. I use this as a formula to create. I seek to continue that process, by taking the modern seasonal iconography as basis to work with. Working as an Anthropologist iconoclast, I carry forward the removal of character and the imposition of narrative that this process contains. Following a current practice of hysteric control, that of the Limited Edition item, which holds the key to turning on mass hysteria in trend loving consumers, it creates the poison which makes humans chase that feeling of that’s mine and only mine (or perhaps a select few), ego trophies. This partners uses a traditional sculptural practice of the “one off”, something not to be repeated, Only One and it’s yours, the ultimate limited edition. 


Materials used to create are always materials I have lack of control over, parodying hysteric human nature, pushing the bastardisation of the appropriated subject matter I parody. 

© 2666 - Corey Whyte