Text By Camilla Cole (Cole Projects)

Whyte is an artistic anthropologist, and his practice is a record of his observations on how society operates within a culture of commodification, and an examination of the commodification of society itself.


Every year, we set out on a pilgrimage to a familiar place, whether that be the countdown to Easter, Halloween or Christmas. Before Christianity we had Pagan annual rituals that were tied to the seasons- they told us when to welcome in the Spring, celebrate the harvest in the Autumn or just to help us survive the Winter - harmonising communities with each other and Nature. Somewhere along the way, these rites have been twisted into a hysteric consumer behavioural pattern, which has perverted their initial intentions, bastardising them over and over again into a distorted state in which we must celebrate; because - we must.  


The combination of ingrained rituals that have been satiatited with a seasonal opportunism and machiavellian consumer behavioural control, have become manifest in a frenzied commodification of the seasons and loss of societal values that held communities together. The more isolated and secular society becomes, the more the need to replace it with a new God. Bring in the hysteria around the idea of the limited edition product, the one - off, unrepeatable; only for you and only you can have it. Whyte’s visceral and chaotic eye candy creations reveal this omnipresent fetishisation of the object, the mysticism, created value from scarcity exposing the societal structures of control that are inextricably found in every part of Western society.

The beautiful times are seasonal.

© 2020 - Corey Whyte